Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

My family room gallery wall. The kids love our “wall lizard”! It originally was bought for a friend’s office makeover, but she had to cancel her new office. Too bad…but I got a lovely metal lizard for my very own! He’s teamed up with some of my own artwork, including a pastel drawing from art school.

I don’t like to spend much money on artwork. A few fun finds mixed with a little DIY makes for a much more interesting look. For this wall, I bought the metal lizard and wooden “K”, a blank canvas on sale, and a of couple frames. The frames I filled with simple abstract art (really I just thought about a few colors I liked in the room and painted random strokes on small canvas panels, which often come in packs of two or more for just a few bucks).  I made three candle holders from some wire, glass tea light holders, a few nails and shelf boards from our old apartment. I attached picture hooks on the back and voila!.. functional artwork! The square gold art piece is a canvas with 3-D paint medium that I applied with a plastic spoon, let it dry, then I sprayed it with some gold spray paint. You could use this technique over a flea market find too if you don’t want to buy a new canvas. And the pastel drawing from art school…I didn’t even frame it. It’s just hung with sticky tack, and I kinda like it without a frame.

When looking to create a gallery wall, look around for interesting shapes, textures, and things that speak to you. And remember it doesn’t have to be a painting or sculpture to be artwork. My mom always hung baskets, wooden cutting boards, and even trivets on the walls in her kitchen. I have place mats hanging above my family room windows!

place mat art

Here’s a pic of one of the place mats. I just thought they were cool. I liked them so much I painted a tropical flower on two and used them in a Polynesian bedroom design I did for a friend.

So if you’re looking to fill a blank space on a wall in your home, maybe this post will help you to THINK OUTSIDE THE FRAME.


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