Girl’s Tutu-Cute 2nd Birthday Party

Girl's 2nd birthday

I went with a subtle tutu theme (hence the ruffle cake). I just wanted it to be pink and girly but not overly theme-y. The colors were shades of pink with bright green accents. Marshmallow pops, pink Whoppers, and a layered pound cake with pink ruffle frosting and fresh strawberries were the main treats… yum! The decor included lots of tulle and ribbon, and of course the birthday girl wore her favorite pink tutu and lime green leggings!

Feb20_2013 539 Feb20_2013 540_edit

The tulle garland was simple to make! Just cut ribbon and strips of tulle to a little over twice the length you want each strand to be. Then tie them randomly to some curling ribbon (or you could use string or yarn or whatever you have on hand). To tie them, take a piece of tulle/ribbon and fold it in half, making a loop at the top. Bring the ends through the loop, while wrapping it around your garland string/ribbon. Pull tightly to “tie” it in place. Repeat these steps with each strip of tulle/ribbon until you have the desired length of garland. It gets a bit tedious, but it’s really cute and totally worth it! Plus you can save it and use it again and again (given you have future girly parties in the same color scheme haha!).

To make the tissue paper pom poms, search the tutorials at, or click here:

Feb20_2013 541_edit Feb20_2013 583Feb20_2013 544 Feb20_2013 546_edit Feb20_2013 552_edit

Please forgive the lighting in these photos. I took them from my not-so-fancy-or-professional camera phone! haha!


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