Paper Rose Mobile

Paper Rose Mobile

In place of the old mobile I had hanging over my baby girl’s crib, I opted for this modern and girly paper rose mobile. I used leftover paper roses that I had made for a bridal shower and simply wired them together and hung it from the ceiling with some ribbon. Since I didn’t make a tutorial for the paper flower mobile I made, here’s the tutorial I used for the roses:

Here’s another tutorial I found that just looked so pretty! :

I only slightly modified my roses from the tutorial. On the smaller roses, I used silk leaves leftover from the bridal bouquets I had made from store-bought silk flowers (you know, the ones with the plastic stems). And I also made some roses that are quite over-sized. I love the look! If you’re going to go fake, make it outstanding! It’s easy to make the over-sized roses by just cutting your petals larger (I made about 7 large and then filled in the gaps with smaller roses). If you’re going to use these roses in vases, I suggest gluing the larger roses to skewers instead of the cloth floral wire. Here are some pics of the roses as the bridal shower decor… before they became home decor… It was such a pretty shower, if I do say so myself!



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