DIY Aluminum Foil Coffee Table Top

Feb20_2013 763

Check out my re-updated coffee table! The table was originally a dark wood stain. It was pretty beat up except for the drawers, so I left them untouched. Now I’m not one for stripping old finishes off, so I decided to paint it. For the first update, I painted it a really bold yellow that I had leftover from another project. The yellow was nice, but I got kinda tired of it and wanted something more neutral. This time I chose a taupe-grey. I then used aluminum foil on the top (stuck on with Mod Podge & protected with a few coats of poly acrylic). I just couldn’t leave well-enough alone, so I added a leopard print with brown paint and silver Sharpie markers. I know, it’s a definite style choice that isn’t for everyone, but I kinda dig it…for now! haha!

aluminum foil diy

If you think you might wanna give this a go, here’s what I did…


aluminum foil

Mod Podge hard coat



a disposable container

cardboard or tarp (something to protect your floors if, like me, you’re doing this indoors because it’s too cold outside)

old credit card or small piece of cardboard (not pictured)

First protect your work area so you don’t make a mess on your floor 🙂 And clean and dry the furniture you intend to cover.

Feb20_2013 762

Then tear or cut sheets of aluminum foil. I made large squares to give it a silver leafing feel. Pour a little bit of the Mod Podge into a disposable container. Using your foam brush, coat the back side of your foil squares, one at a time, with Mod Podge and position it on the furniture (Mod Podge side down). Once in place, smooth with your hands or an old credit card. You could also use a piece of cardboard or maybe a bone folder. Work from the center of the foil out toward the edges to remove bubbles. Repeat these steps until your coffee table top or desired furniture piece is covered.

Let it dry for about 2 hours.

Once dry, topcoat with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Let that dry for 20 minutes before adding another coat. I did about 4 coats, letting it dry between each.

For added protection, once the Mod Podge has completely dried (I think I let it dry overnight), topcoat with some Polycrylic (for this step I used my bristle brush, but you could use another foam brush here too). Follow the directions on the can, as some brands may differ. I did 3 coast of Polycrylic and let it cure for 24 hours before I let anyone even TOUCH the coffee table. Now my boring coffee table is one of my favorite pieces again!

family room flower

It’s been almost 4 months of kids climbing on top, driving their die-cast cars across it, and many feet propped atop. It’s holding up well for all the wear and tear my family is putting it through, I’d say! Just to be sure it holds up, I’m planning on adding a few more coats of Polycrylic, now that I see how rough my family is going to be on it, despite my many attempts to get them to chill 🙂


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