Photo Art without Photoshop

A little photo fun

I love to be creative with photography. As much as I’d really love to own the expensive software like CS5 or whatever the latest version… I make do with Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Paint. A while back I thought that the little Paint program that came free on pretty much every computer I’ve owned was kind of, well, useless. But after experimenting, I’ve learned to love pulling photos into it and adding text or just doodling on them for a fun effect.
I snapped this photo of myself with my iPhone, cropped it and played with the color and saturation in Microsoft Picture Manager, and then doodled on it in Paint. It just goes to show you that you don’t need fancy software or pricey equipment to turn out creative and unique projects!

This would be a fun way to give a modern artsy look to family photos! Take pics of the kids making silly faces, color & print the pics, hang them up gallery-style and show off your personality in an updated family photo wall that doubles as artwork!


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