Faux Wallpaper with Sharpie Marker

Faux Wallpaper

You know how when you were little, your mom always told you not to draw on the walls? Well, when you get your own house, you can!

Fortunately for me, My mom gave up the fight long ago and actually let me draw on my bedroom walls! Here’s a pic of a pic of my bedroom wall in high school… I was kinda in love with Gavin Rossdale (in case you were wondering whose giant head is on my wall). And don’t mind my mess and the thigh shaper on my bed ha! And, yes, that’s me on the phone and fiddling with a guitar 🙂

Gavin wall
Well, I”m so glad my mom let me express myself , and it was great practice for my future home decorating! When my husband and I bought our house, there was one long wall in our family room that was screaming to be made an accent wall. I painted all the walls a warm light gray, but on the long wall I topped the gray with a silver glaze. Then came the fun part… I free-handed a floral vine all over with what?… Sharpie marker! Yep, ya heard me, permanent marker. It’s much easier than paint, and I didn’t have to worry about dry time or the kids messing it up during the many days it took me to finish. I get so many compliments on it too! I loved it so much I decided to tie in a nearby back entryway with the same technique…

floral hall

But I didn’t stop there with my new-found love affair with Sharpie! I drew a frame for my builder-grade bathroom mirror and created a woodgrain style backsplash in the kitchen!

Feb20_2013 496 painted backsplash

Can I just say how much I LOVE SHARPIE?!!! These are quite possibly the greatest art tools ever created… with spray paint being a very close second.

SharpiesThank you, Sharpie!!!


2 thoughts on “Faux Wallpaper with Sharpie Marker

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like it! Stencils are an option if you aren’t confident in your free-hand abilities. You could always practice your design on a large piece of paper or poster board first too. I tried it first on a wall in my office closet to see if the Sharpie would even work out at all…which I’ve yet to paint over haha!

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