DIY Foam Bath Shapes for Kids

DIY Foam Bath Shapes for Kids

My kids usually love bath time, but sometimes they need a little encouragement to get it. What better way to entice them than new bath toys. These foam shapes are easy and inexpensive, and the kids enjoy them so much that they don’t want to get out of the tub! Even my 6-year old wants to forgo his usual shower and hop in the tub when I pull these out! The foam sticks to the tub walls when wet and they float, which makes it easier to keep track of them all. Just be sure to fish them all out before draining the tub.

Here’s the How-To…


Foam sheets (Found at craft stores. Be sure it’s not the kind with adhesive backing.)


Cookie cutters

Drinking glasses (for making circles)


foam supplies

You can either free-hand cut various shapes (geometric shapes are good for letting the kids use their own imagination to create things), or you can use cookie cutters to create your shapes (I also used drinking glasses in various sizes to make circles). Simply press the cookie cutter firmly into the foam. It won’t cut through, but it will leave an indention as a guide for cutting out your shapes. This way there are no marker or pen marks, but you could trace your cookie cutters if you prefer. Then just cut them out, and you’re done!

foam cutting foam flowers

They sky is the limit here! Use your imagination or think of some of your kids’ favorite things. My daughter is a girly girl and will love these flowers. My boys like building houses, roads, and cars.

foam shapes_truch house foam bath shapes_road

You can even do some special holiday-themed shapes to pull out just around that time of year. I made a snowman and a Christmas tree with little circles for ornaments they can stick on the tree to decorate it. I used a permanent marker for the snowman’s eyes, mouth, and buttons.

foam snowman supplies foam snowman foam xmas tree

Don’t worry about making perfect shapes. Some of my circles were more egg-shaped. The kids won’t care. Just have fun with it and use your creativity. Maybe take a sheet of foam, draw a simple design on it with permanent markers, and cut it like a big puzzle. You can also find pre-cut shapes at the craft store.  You’ll probably want to just make sure that the shapes are large enough that they won’t get pushed down the drain by some little fingers or get sucked down on their own. That’s not happened with ours, but I thought I should mention it.

If you try this and come up with some other creative designs, please post pics or descriptions!

Here’s to some gettin’-clean fun and happy tub times!!!


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