Exploding Photo Box

Handmade Wedding Photos Paper Gift Box

A good friend of mine made me a heart-warming wedding gift, and she even used my wedding colors. She’s so crafty and sweet! I couldn’t help but share her lovely gift in hopes that it might inspire you to create personal handmade gifts like this for your friends and family! (I did first ask for her permission to post this, though.)

Looks like a pretty little paper box, right?… but look what happens when you remove the lid!…

open_editIt opens up and fans out in layers of some of my favorite photos from my wedding day!

She added cute little embellishments too. Each layer was like a page in a wedding scrapbook! The first was “The Bride” with photos of me in my dress and my bouquet. The next layer said “Sweethearts” and “Mr. & Mrs.” and had one of my all-time favorite pics of me and my hubby.  The bottom layer then had four more precious pics that just warm my heart to see.

open middle_editopen_last page_edit

photo box with flowers3_edit photo box open_text

I found the perfect place to keep my gift too… right next to the bridal bouquet that I saved from my wedding. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends but even more blessed that those friends love being creative too!

Thank you, Vanessa!!!!

I may be after her to share the how-to for this 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you want me to get & post instructions on how to make your own photo memory box.


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