Kids with Creative Clothes

Kids with Creative Clothes

When children are little, they have no real say over what they wear. With my kids, I must say, I really enjoyed picking out cute outfits and expressing my own style through their wardrobes. However, there always comes a point when kids want to express their own independence and dress themselves. I have to admit, I have to bite my tongue at some of the outfits they put together, but I love seeing their own personalities shine in whatever form! At first, when one of my sons decided that his favorite outfit was a red and black shirt paired with navy blue and yellow pants, I wanted to convince him to wear something else. But to get him to change his outfit would have been a battle that simply wasn’t worth it. Kids have little control over their world, so allowing them some freedom with their clothes is one way to help them gain a sense of say in their life and enjoy a bit of independence.

spiderman pose_web

My kids each have their own unique styles and personalities, and I want to help them hold on to their sense of self and freedom. Sometimes that means letting them wear costumes for days on end, including trips to the grocery store. Often it means letting my youngest son wear all his clothes backwards, not batting an eye when my middle son wears clip-on ties with his sweatshirts, and happily letting my little girl wear a tutu skirt over everything!

I cherish their confidence and freedom. Low self-esteem and putting too much emphasis on what others think is all too common with kids and adults, and it’s so refreshing and encouraging to see my kids comfortable with who they are. I want to do whatever I can to encourage that self-acceptance. I know that maybe they’re just too young to know about the knocks that their confidence might take as they journey through life, but I pray that they can hold on to who they are and feeling free enough and wonderful enough to cling to their uniqueness and embrace their self-expression in the face of others who may disagree with how they look.

I never know what outfits they’ll come up with, but I do know that they each are wonderfully creative individuals who don’t even hesitate to let it shine, and I love it! It may not always be something I love on them, but it’s what they love. Who am I to stifle their confidence and creativity by trying to fit them into a box or make them conform to my style or something that others might deem more acceptable. I’d much rather feed into their creativity and show them unconditional acceptance by simply allowing a little room for creative liberties 😉


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