Baby Girl’s First Birthday

Baby Girl's First Birthday

When my baby girl turned one, money was tight. But that didn’t mean that my little girl’s first party had to reflect that fact. Luckily, I had failed dreams of scrap-booking that left me with loads of pretty patterned papers. I let my supplies then, dictate the color theme, which was this mix of soft pinks and dusty blues with deeper shades of chocolate and rose. I grounded all those colors with bright white. Then, because what girl doesn’t love some sparkle, I threw in silver and crystal decorations, along with a shimmery table runner.


I made paper hats with the number one on them and a wand for the birthday girl (which made for a really cute prop come picture time!).

For the hats, take a 12″ x 12″ piece of scrapbook paper, roll it to create a cone shape at one end, leaving a small opening for embellishments for the top, and tape it at the seam. Don’t worry that it looks funny at this point. Then cut the bottom straight across. Be sure your cone opening is the right size to fit your guests heads. Then using a hole punch, add a small at opposite sides of the bottom. Thread a ribbon through each hole, knotting each on the inside so that they stay in place. Now you’re free to decorate as you like. I glued pom poms to the tops of some. Then on others I used strips of paper that I had tightly wrapped around a pencil to curl them.

To make the wand,  cut two circles of paper and two number 1s. The easiest way to make a border for the numbers is to glue each number to the paper you want to become the border, and then cut out the numbers, leaving about a 1/4-inch border around each. Then glue each bordered number to your cut circles. Cover a dowel rod (or chopstick) with paper and tape it into place. Double sided tape works best, but I just covered the whole thing in tape, which also protected it from sticky fingers. Then tape it to the back side of one of your circles. Then, using double sided tape, sandwich your two circles together with the dowel rod in between them. Add some ribbon, and you’re done!

GG1stbday6 GG1stbday14_enhanceGG1stbday2GG1stbday13

Many of the other decorations were made from paper too: a happy birthday banner, folded fans to hand from the ceiling, paper roses for the table, and even a paper birthday cake…just for decoration, of course 🙂


The secret to the paper birthday cake is a roll of toilet paper! And the candle is a drinking straw! Here’s the link for the how-to:


I also used wooden words and framed photos of the birthday girl. The large paper roses originally were ones I had made for a bridal shower. They fit perfectly into the decor for this party! Later I turned them into decor for my daughter’s bedroom. You can learn how to make the flowers and see what I made here:

GG1stbday8  GG1stbday9GG1stbday11

I served yummy chocolate dipped Oreos and carrot cake cupcakes with a pink cream cheese frosting. I topped the treats with pearl sprinkles and sugar roses. It doesn’t get much more girly than that!


Here’s a fun game for any first birthday: What Will They Be?

I labeled three glasses with one of three possible future careers. Each guest wrote their name on a strip of paper and put it into the glass labeled with the career they think the birthday girl would choose.

Later, I pulled out three objects. Each object symbolized one of the three careers. For example; I had a stethoscope for Doctor, a microphone for Entertainer, and a paintbrush for Artist.  I set the objects on the floor at one end of the room and spaced them out just a bit from each other. Then I put the birthday girl at the other end of the room. Then, we watched her crawl to the objects. Whichever one she picked up would be her chosen career! Although I have no expectations of my daughter limiting herself to just these careers, it made for a really cute party game 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little post and found an idea or two to use for your next party!


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