Back to School Cupcakes

Back to School Cupcakes

It’s that time of year again: back to school! My kids were so not thrilled to be getting back to homework and the school routine. I thought I’d sweeten up their day by surprising them with some yummy cupcakes for their after-school snack.

cupcake mix yellow batter

I found a Duncan Hines mix that makes just 12 cupcakes, which was perfect! I really didn’t want a load of extra cupcakes around tempting me while the kids were at school haha! And just for fun, I added some bright yellow food coloring gel to the batter. The cupcakes were a huge hit! The fondant pencils are really pretty simple to make too, even for the novice sculptor. Here’s the quick how-to…


Colored Fondant in: golden yellow, gray, red, and beige (to make the beige, I used food coloring in copper)

Rolling pin

Shortening or Powdered Sugar (depending on humidity)

Water (to “glue” fondant pieces together)

Food marker like AmeriColor Gourmet Writer in black

fondant pencil how to

Step 1: Cover your work surface with either shortening or powdered sugar (If the weather is humid on the day you’re making these, or your fondant is too sticky, use powdered sugar. If the weather is dry or fondant is cracking, use Crisco). Roll out a red ball, a beige cone, a gray strip, and a golden yellow cylinder. With a small drop of water, “glue” the red ball and the beige cone to the ends of the yellow cylinder. TIP: Use the tip of your finger or a small brush to apply water.

Step 2: Flatten the red ball a bit to shape the pencil’s eraser. Then wrap the gray strip around where the eraser and pencil meet, and “glue” into place with another small drop/dab of water.

Step 3: Add texture if desired. I made indentations along the sides of the pencil and small marks around the gray strip.

Step 4: Pinch the tip of the cone to make a more defined point. Using a black food marker, color the tip of the pencil to create the pencil lead. At this point, you can be done or write something on the pencil. I had planned to write something cute on them, but I was in a hurry, so I just wrote “no. 2” on each.  Other ideas: your child’s name or grade level, “School Days”, “Smile”, “A+”, “Way To Go”

These cupcakes would be great for a class party as well!

back to school cupcake back to school cupcakes2

And check out the cute paper napkins that I found at Target! They look just like notebook paper 🙂



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