DIY T-Shirt Sleeve Headband

DIY T-Shirt Sleeve Headband

DIY headbands don’t get any simpler than this! All you need is a pair of sharp scissors and a short-sleeve cotton t-shirt. Just cut the sleeve from the t-shirt and bam! I kept the seam intact to keep the edge of the headband from fraying.

DIY hair accessory1June-July 2013 026

Smaller women’s t-shirts work well for kids-sized headbands. My daughter here is 2 years old. I used both medium and large t-shirts to make ones that fit my head.

Side-note: You can use the rest of the shirt to make a t-shirt necklace or even a mini skirt like I did with mine! Maybe I’ll  make a post for the skirt if anyone wants to see how I did it. Here’s a link for a necklace tutorial (or you can Google “DIY t-shirt necklace” and get a ton of search results) :

I love that this is a headband with the look of a bandanna. And this would be really cute made from a striped, polka dot, or other patterned t-shirt. Let me know if you like this or if you have any of your own creative t-shirt uses!


3 thoughts on “DIY T-Shirt Sleeve Headband

  1. I thought that I was the only one who made these! I wear mine at night or during naps to block the light. 🙂 ♥ dig ♥

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