Review: Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers

Review: Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers

I fell in love with this mirror-effect trend for nails, so when I found Maybelline New York’s new Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers in Platinum Standard at the store, I had to give them a go!
Now the package reads, “up to 10 day wear”. I put these babies to the test and here’s my review:


On day 1 they looked great! I was totally in love, and my kids thought that they were really cool!

day2 day2am

Day 2 was another story! The mirror finish was wearing off at my nail tips just after one night’s sleep! By the evening, they were looking pretty shabby. The stickers were also starting to peel slightly at the tip of a couple of my nails. I was really tempted to peel them all off, but I wanted to see what they looked like on day 3.


By the next morning, the finish was almost completely gone. 10-day wear? Not even close!!! I am so disappointed.


For about $8, the package only comes with enough stickers for one application and were only good for one day. For the same price, I could buy a decent polish that would last three times as long! However, the look for that one day, is unmatched by any nail polish. I would recommend these for a SPECIAL OCCASION ONLY. I’d also recommend prepping your nails well! I cleaned mine well and wiped them down with nail polish remover to get rid of any oil or soap residue.  I’d also recommend trying a base coat. (I did not use a base coat, because the package says to apply to “bare nails”. However, I think I might opt for a base coat next time to see if it extends the wear. I even wonder if you would use a clear top coat.) If you’re looking more for an everyday look, SAVE YOUR MONEY!


7 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers

  1. That’s super disappointing. I just found some of these bad boys at Big Lots for $1 and I wanted to try them but would rather use the money towards a polish. $8 for sure seems too steep, especially since you’ve proven that they’re not worth it. But the sure looked good on day 1! I’m on day 2 of the ones that I got and they seem to be holding up well, but I did use a coat of Seche Vite, also to kind of bond the tops of the stickers to my nails to reduce them peeling. We’ll see what happens!

    • One dollar?! Well, that’s definitely worth trying out at that price! And, yeah, a top coat is likely the way to go to make them last. You said you were on day two. Now that a few more days have passed, I’m curious to know how long yours stayed looking nice with the top coat. ???

  2. Being an avid lover and user of the Sally hansens version of these, mine easily last 2 weeks without fail. I type and do dishes by hand often and they stand the test of time. Not sure what comes with maybelline kit, but SH includes a small file/buffer, which i think is key in using to get the most wear out of them. I always use the roughened side of the file, like when getting tips at a salon, somehow helps. Never use a top coat prior, that seems like it would ruin all adhesion between nail and sticker. Always give 2 top coats after and touch up 2-3 times during a 2 week wear period(i like my nails shiny).

  3. i had the same problem with maybelline, but i used ones that were essie and they were really great! i also just purchased o.p.i. ones

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