Sweets-themed Cake

Sweets-themed Cake

My sister-in-law asked for a cake for her baby shower. When she told me she was having a sweets theme, I got so excited! I worked with clay for years, and there was always something extra fun about sculpting the clay to look like food. I knew sculpting sweet foods with fondant would be a blast…and it was!

These are a few pics of some food-inspired clay jewelry that I made a while back:

Xmas cookie charm bracelet Sweets charm bracelet food earrings

Now, back to the sweets cake… Here are some step-by-step pics of how I made some of the fondant decorations:


cupcake how to

STEP 1. make a cup and semi-flattened ball.

STEP 2. Use water to adhere cupcake top to base.

STEP 3. Create indentations on the sides of the cupcake “cup” with a toothpick.

STEP 4. Roll snake-shape, giving it pointed ends, and curl it to make the cupcake frosting

STEP 5. Roll a small ball for the cherry & make an indentation in the “frosting” for the cherry.

STEP 6. Using a toothpick, make an indentation for the cherry stem.

STEP 7. (not pictured, sorry) Make the cherry stem by rolling a very small piece of fondant into a snake shape with a blunt end. Attach it to the cherry with a bit of water.


lollipop how to

STEP 1. Roll two fondant snakes from two different colors, making them equal thickness.

STEP 2.  Twist the two snakes together, “gluing” them in place with a little water on a brush.

STEP 3. Roll your twisted ropes/snakes to bond the colors and smooth them out a bit.

STEP 4. Form the lollipop by curling the fondant in on itself, again “gluing” as you go with a little water.

STEP 5. Carefully insert a lollipop stick into your fondant lollipop. I found it helps if you twist the stick as you push it into the fondant. Be sure not to poke the stick out the top or through the back side of the lollipop.

STEP 6. Place finished fondant lollipops in a block of floral foam or something to keep it upright as it dries. This will prevent it from flattening out as it would if dried lying on a flat surface.


All of the decorations are sculpted fondant, including: Ice cream cone, chocolate layer cake, frosted doughnut, chocolate sandwich cookie, chocolate chip cookies, taffy, gumballs, and sprinkles!

Sweets Cake 2013 039 Sweets Cake 2013 036 Sweets Cake 2013 035 Sweets Cake 2013 034 Sweets Cake 2013 033

A cake like this is so much fun to make, and it is perfect for a baby shower or birthday.



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