Modern Bonus Room


First off, please forgive me for not having the foresight to take before pictures! It was not a pretty room to begin with. Trust me. Our upstairs loft was a room I just couldn’t enjoy spending any time in. It was the best place for my young kids to play, and soon the toys took over. The flat white walls were a uncleanable and boring, and with all the toys and blank walls it just felt cluttered and uninspired.

In came some paint and a few accessories to the rescue!



I love how the dark gray walls make the hand-me-down furniture stand out much less than the previous white walls did! There’s a good lesson for you: less contrast between wall color and large furnishings can make for a less cluttered look. Add some patterned throw pillows and artwork, and the attention is drawn away from the inexpensive furniture to more appealing decorations.


Try bold black and white patterned decor and gold accents. I found this white bull head on sale at a local HomeGoods store and spray painted the horns gold. The chevron vase came from Walmart (If you keep an open mind, stylish pieces can be found at unlikely places). The coasters and the gold spiked ball thingy came from Hobby Lobby. I can’t recall where I bought the owl vase, sorry.

(Please excuse the lonely nail I neglected to remove from my wall, haha!)


Have fun with wall art. I framed some of my drawings, bought a few interesting pieces, and framed some leftover fabric I had on hand. The black and white patterned piece in the upper middle is a piece of fabric stapled around a painting that I had grown tired of. Don’t be afraid to mix frame colors and materials either. I love the mix of the simple black frames with the bright gold ones. All of the art is tied together by color and somewhat by a nature theme.

Now my kids’ play room is a room I don’t mind hanging around in, and it only took a few days to make a dramatic change!

Go turn your least favorite room into a loved space and share your transformation here!!!

Thanks for stopping by.


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