DIY Duct Tape Glasses Case

I’m really digging all the patterned duct tape out there, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it… until today! Inspiration hit, and I made this felt-lined eyeglasses case for my mom to hold her reading glasses.

Here’s what you need:
Two rolls of complimentary colors or patterned duct tape, scissors, a ruler, one piece of felt (size depends on the size of glasses your case is for), and any optional embellishments like thread, buttons, etc.


Step 1. Measure and cut your felt large enough to fold over and make a pouch to comfortably fit your glasses, and about 2 inches longer than your frames. Then cut strips of duct tape an inch longer than the width of your felt. Lay them across the felt, allowing for a half-inch overhang on the sides and bottom. Leave about 2 inches of felt exposed at the top. (Note: in the photos for this step, I hadn’t applied all of the duct tape, so there’s more than just 2 inches of felt exposed here.)



Step 2. Fold your felt in half lengthwise, aligning all edges, and press edges of duct tape together to seal. Then trim edges if needed. I trimmed mine to leave about a 1/4-inch boarder.



Step 3. Fold the extra felt down over the top edge of the case.


Step 4. Now cut a strip of
your second color of duct tape and add it to the edge, folding it in half down the edge of your glasses case. Trim any excess.



Step 5. (Optional) You could be finished at this point or add some extra personality with embellishments of your choosing. I added a simple blanket stitch to the edge and glued some little finishing touches on with Liquid Nails.




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