Fun DIY Kid’s Patches

Kids will be kids, and kids will get holes in their pants. Remember how ugly those old iron-on patches were? Well, here are some much cuter ideas!

Heart Patch:
For this patch on my daughter’s cotton leggings, I used some old t-shirt material and a blanket stitch. I’m sure it would wear better for longer if I used a sewing machine, but I don’t know how to use mine haha! One day I’ll learn, but for now, I’m content to hand stitch.

Monster Patch:

When I saw the idea for a monster knee patch on Pinterest, I had to make one! Here’s one I made for my son’s jeans. The teeth are felt, and the blue is more t-shirt material. Once again, it was an easy hand-stitch project.


Knees aren’t the only places little kids rip their pants. We had an issue with a slide that left 3 pairs of pants and my son’s swim trunks full of holes in the backside. Now, while I was not about to patch my son’s backside, a cute cupcake was a perfect fix for my daughter’s pants.

Go ahead, kids, rip those pants! Mama wants to make more patches!
Have a glorious day!


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