Anthropologie Knock-off Neon Tassel Necklace

Who doesn’t like a good Anthropologie hack? When I saw their neon tassel necklaces, I knew I could make a decent copycat version for far less.

Anthropologie knock off_comparison

What you need:
Neon embroidery thread
Small black beads

Optional: beading needle or embroidery needle



I used a piece of embroidery thread about 120″ long. It sounds like a lot, but as you knot in between beads, it shortens quite a bit. You can vary this length for a shorter or longer necklace. Just keep in mind it should be long enough to slip over your head, as there is no clasp on this necklace.


1. Cut thread 120″ long, reserving some to make your tassel.
2. Starting around the middle of the thread, tie a knot big enough to keep your beads from passing over it.
3. Alternate knots and beads until you have about 30″ completed.

Beaded tassel necklace how-to
4. Leave enough of a tail at each end to tie together in a later step, and cut excess.
5. Using leftover thread, make tassel by wrapping thread loosely across and around your fingers like in the photo below.

diy tassel

6. Slide something narrow, like part of a pen cap, through one side of the looped thread. Then knot the threads together and snip bottom loops.

tassel diy_diy tassel

7. Slide tassel off of pen cap and thread it onto your necklace but do not tighten it yet.

8. Tie the loose ends of the necklace together where tassel will be.

tassel necklace diy_ how totassel necklace diy_tie ends

9. Slide the tassel over the knotted ends of the necklace, and tighten the tassel in place by tugging on the tassel strands. It may work best to tug on individual strands until it’s tight enough to stay in place. Your necklace is ready to wear!

pink tassel 2 neon tassel

Now that you know the basics, you can use your creativity to give it your own twist. Mix up the beads, use multiple colors of thread, etc. For my neon pink asymmetric version, I used three different sizes of beads and tied each one in place rather than using a knot in between beads.

neon tassel diy

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. You don’t have to stop at necklaces… How about earrings, keychains or handbag accessories!


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