Cute Caterpillar and Apple Sculpted Cake

When my good friend Angela asked me to help her decorate a cake for her daughter’s birthday, I was excited! Then, when she told me she wanted to incorporate apples and a caterpillar, I was totally on board!
caterpillar birthday cake by Sarah Kelly
It may not be your typical little girl birthday cake, but that’s what made it so charming!

cake decorating

It’s hard to tell, but I’m pregnant here, and my belly kept rubbing the counter and collecting powdered sugar, ha!

It started with a simple 8″-round layer cake. We covered it in white fondant. Then we rolled white fondant balls and “glued” them around the base of the cake with a little water. I then used a cake sculpting tool to push a small round indention into each ball. This helps press the border into place while adding some interest.

fondant apples and caterpillar

sculpting a fondant caterpillar and apples
Then came the fun part! Red and green fondant rolled into balls became cute apples and an adorable caterpillar! To give the caterpillar some structure, I first shaped a wire into the curves I wanted. Then I carefully added balls of green fondant. (Think of it like beading a necklace.) Then I sculpted a little mouth and added simple eyes.

caterpillar and apples
Using twine, two skewers, and some craft paper, I made a little banner. I tied some strands from a piece of burlap to the ends of the banner. Angela and I both thought it added a nice feminine touch and made the cake look a bit more like a cake for a girl. Then I added a happy birthday sign with more craft paper and a toothpick.

country apple birthday cake

caterpillar and apples birthday cake by Sarah Kelly

I must admit, I wanted to do more on this cake, but time got away from us. I had planned on adding a texture to the top edge to create a border with one of my cake decorating tools. It has a wheel that makes a stitched-like pattern. Even piped grass or something would have added nicely to the top. Although I am very pleased with the way the cake turned out, I can’t help but think some of that blank space is crying out for some attention. 🙂

Anyway, I know Angela was overjoyed. And her daughter Sophia as well as her guests loved it, so that’s all that truly matters.

Happy birthday, Sophia!!!


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