Hello Kitty Birthday Party

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday, I went with a Hello Kitty theme. Here’s how the preparations and decorating went down:

DIY HK headbands

Inexpensive plastic headbands, some felt and hot glue came together to make some super cute Hello Kitty ears! I even found some felt at the craft store that was glittered! Whaaaat?! Oh yeah! And I found the headbands in a pack of 4 for $1 at the party supply store!

DIY HK party cups Hello Kitty paper cups

I found these Hello Kitty plates and napkins at Walmart. I grabbed some plain paper cups in colors to coordinate. Then I used permanent markers to draw Hello Kitty faces on each cup. Talk about easy!

Hello Kitty marshmallow pops2 Hello Kitty marshmallow pops

Parties on Pinterest don’t seem complete anymore without marshmallow pops, and these couldn’t have been easier. Use food-safe markers to draw the faces. Then melt some red candy melts in a plastic sandwich bag, snip the corner off and pipe small red bows onto the marshmallows. Filling jars with candy-coated chocolates and gum balls makes for simple decor that easily supports other treats like marshmallow pops or lollipops.

Hello Kitty sugar cookies A Hello Kitty sugar cookie kit made these cookies another easy party treat.


Berry flavored Kixs cereal and strawberry marshmallows made for some seriously yummy pink and purple cereal bars! I topped them with colored sugar sprinkles.


I found these sodas as a local discount store, 5 Bellow. It was like carbonated fruit punch.


I had so much fun decorating this cake! Hello Kitty is just too cute! I wanted to give it a fabric feel, so I added stitch-like details and a button-tuffted effect. The topper is gum paste, and the rest is rolled fondant. I had a few little hiccups along the way. You might notice some cracking in some of the photos. At one point, I found a large hole forming. I quickly came up with the birthday cake applique to cover it. So, that just became the front of the cake. It just goes to show ya, mistakes happen, but they can be turned into details that look totally planned!

Hello Kitty cake by Sarah Kelly.jpg

Hello Kitty cake

HK cake side2 HK cake side1 HK cake back

gumpaste Hello Kitty

The gum paste kitty sat for almost a year on my daughter’s bedroom shelf. Until she and one of her brothers found it and ATE it! I overheard them and stopped them, but not before they had each taken some good bites out of it! Haha! However, next time, I think I’ll shellac any cake toppers I want to try to save.

Hello Kitty cake by Sarah Kelly

Of course, it had to be pink and purple cake (the birthday girl’s favorite colors)! It’s all strawberry cake. I just added food coloring to the purple layers.


More store-bought decor. It’s just easier that way sometimes, ya know? šŸ™‚


Hello Kitty party

Keepin’ it simple.

Hello Kitty party decor, poster board

Use poster board to make simple signs and party decals. I just drew a couple Hello Kitty faces. The nice thing about Hello Kitty is her simple design. It’s pretty easy to replicate, even for the novice artist.

Hello Kitty party decor

Disposable plastic table covers make inexpensive window decor.

Hello Kitty party.jpg

My hubby snapped this pic of me before the party started.

My hubby snapped this pic of me before the party started.

I didn’t go crazy with the decorations, as you can see. I spent most of my time on the food. After all, my daughter was turning just 3. I Ā still have years and years to go all out. And let’s face it, some birthdays I’m just more prepared and more energetic than others. I have 4 kids (with a fifth on the way as I write this). Soon, three of my kids will have birthdays in the same month. If I set the bar too high, I’m gonna smack my face on it!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and found some cute ideas for your own Hello Kitty party. Thanks for stopping by!


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