No-Sew Curtains


DIY home decor is a passion of mine, along with all sorts of outlets for my crafting skills. All but sewing, that is. Ask my craft night girlfriends, and they’ll attest to my sad lack of sewing ability 🙂 So when I needed drapes to suit our slightly taller ceilings, I first went shopping. Yikes! The prices for 9-10′ curtains was not so appealing. Then I saw the length of tablecloths. PERFECT! All I needed was two rectangular tablecloths and a couple packages of curtain rings (pictured below).


The tablecloths I found were even a few inches longer than I needed, so I just folded the top edge over, clipped on the rings (spacing them out evenly along the top edge), and hung them up. Bam!

How about hand-painted curtains? Just buy white cotton tablecloths and craft paint. I bought Threshold curtains from Target that were 60 x 104″ for $16.99 a panel. Wash and dry the curtains before painting them, and don’t apply the paint too thickly.  Craft paint dries pretty quickly, but a hairdryer can speed the process. 


I used one brush and just did somewhat random strokes, making x’s and t’s and L’s and such. Other simple designs would be polka dots, small x’s or crosses, loose stripes, circles, squiggles. You could use painters tape for cleaner lines or a color blocked pattern. Or try a stamped design. I almost had my 4 and 6 year olds make hand prints all over, but I decided brush strokes would suit my kitchen better.


Whether you paint your own or find the perfect print, tablecloths are a budget-friendly option for curtains to fit any style.

Here’s a little tip: When hanging your new curtains, place the first ring outside the curtain rod holder to keep the outer edge of the curtains in place when you open and close them.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Come back for more DIY and creative living!


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