Easy DIY tic-tac-toe game

Make this simple tic-tac-toe game with just a few supplies:

  • Clay
  • Craft paint
  • Wood board
  • Ruler
  • Paint brushes


Shape the game pieces from clay and bake according to package directions. You’ll need to decide if you want to distinguish players’ pieces by color or shape (or both, like I did).  You need 5 of each.

 My daughter decided on pink hearts and turquoise circles with purple spots for our game pieces.

While the pieces are baking, paint your board with a couple coats of craft paint. After your base color dries, use a ruler to mark out lines to create 9 equal spaces. Then paint the tic-tac-toe board lines with a contrasting paint color. If you’d rather, you could also use a permanent marker to make the lines, instead of paint.

This would make a cute gift for kids or grandparents!

On a side note, we made an extra heart into a pendant by poking a hole through it with a paper clip before baking.   

Happy crafting! I hope you’re having a wonderful day!


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