Frozen Birthday Party

Looking for some ideas for a Frozen-themed party? Here are some of the things I did for my daughter’s party.

I made this slime like stuff as party favors. You can find the full instructions here: Troll Slime by Two Sisters Crafting

These wands looked great as decor in a glass vase. Just hot glue some plastic snowflakes to long lollipop sticks or painted dowel rods. Then tie ribbon to the stick at the base of each snowflake. If you’d rather purchase wands to double as favors, Michael’s craft stores carry some around the holidays. They also had foam tiaras that were sparkled turquoise.

I used the same plastic snowflakes that I used for the wands as hanging decorations. I think I got mine from Walmart around Christmas time. They’re packaged as Christmas tree ornaments, but as you can see they work perfectly for other occasions too.

These paper snowflakes made a big impression, but you’ll be surprised by how simple they are. Get the instructions here: 3-D Paper Flower Instructions

The hanging pom-pom decor was simple too. My daughter actually did most of the work. Simply use a needle to thread pom-poms onto some white thread, spacing them out as you go. Craft stores also sell bags of all white pom-poms and glittery kinds as well, which would look like falling snow!

Drawing faces on plain white cups was less expensive than the Disney Frozen paper cups. I used Sharpie permanent markers. Don’t use washable markers, as they will smear & rub off on hands…not cool.

I found all kinds of Frozen things at Walmart: table cover, banners, a backdrop, candy & these Olaf masks!

This cake was kind of an experiment. It was a mess, but it got a lot of compliments! I bought an angel food cake & frosted it with marshmallow fluff. I topped it with birthday cake shell ice cream topping & snowflake sprinkles. Then I put mini marshmallows in the center. Keep this cake in the fridge till time to serve it or the fluff will melt off! By the end of the party is was dripping off the cake plate and making quite a mess.

 For the snacks, I made signs to keep the food part of the theme. Popcorn balls with blue sprinkles mixed in made yummy “snowballs”!

 The kids seem to really enjoy building marshmallow snowmen. Thanks, Pinterest! We used vanilla marshmallow flavored frosting to help their snowmen stay together.

I drew Olaf on a foam board (poster board works well too) and covered it with clear contact paper. Then I cut out orange construction paper noses, numbered them & covered them in contact paper too. Blindfolded kids took turns trying to put the nose in the right place. The one who got the closest got a prize. We used double-sided tape to attach the noses during the game. The contact paper helped make this a re-usable game, so you could play more than once.

 I designed bingo cards on the computer using Microsoft Word, printed them out & covered them in contact paper to keep them nice & clean & ensure they’d last passed the party. After all of the time it took to design them, I wasn’t risking them getting destroyed.

 I found a bunch of free coloring and activity pages online & printed them out. It was an easy party activity. I set out crayons in white ramekins to keep it looking nice.


10 thoughts on “Frozen Birthday Party

  1. Thank you for the ideas. I really like the Fronzen bingo. I’ll use it for my daughters 5th birthday.
    Greeting Jeanette ( The Netherlands)

  2. Thank you soooooo much for the free bingo printable! My daughter is having a frozen party this weekend and it’s supposed to rain, so we needed some indoor activity! This is just what I needed!

  3. Thanks a lot for this ideas, I made the Olaf party cups, the’re adorable and funny, really easy to make and I’m gonna use the bingo of course!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. These were some great ideas!! Thank you for sharing your bingo game (I’ve made these myself before and I know how much work it takes!).

  5. Hi is it possible to share those labels/signs you did for the different food? Or where can I print them without the words since our food will probably differ.
    P.s My daughter and her friends are way too young for the bingo game unfortunately! But would love to use those tags!

    • I don’t have the label cards file, sorry. I copied images from a google search online and pasted them into a Word document. Then add a border and text and print. Then I glued them onto colored cardstock.

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