Easy Holiday Decorating

I love decorating for the holidays, and I often find myself adding new things or changing my color scheme year after year. Last year, the decor was copper, gold, and brown shades. This year, I’m inspired by the rich colors of peacock feathers! But every year I make sure that I put some effort into neutral decorations that will fit whatever color scheme I choose. For my personal style, gold, silver, and white will always work with my decor.

I had the toughest time trying to find a nativity scene that fit my taste, so last year, I spray painted an inexpensive set that I found at Walmart.

I also spray painted an oversized nutcracker that I’ve had for years. It was cute, but the traditional bright red and green rarely fits into my decor. I found my inspiration at West Elm, grabbed some painter’s tape and some glossy white spray paint…

West Elm white nutcracker

West Elm white nutcracker

Another easy decor project was turning some plastic fruit into a contemporary addition to my holiday centerpiece!


I covered the stems with painter's tape to protect them.

I covered the stems with painter’s tape to protect them.




Other things that can easily be spray painted for your holiday decor:




Dried Flowers

Picture Frames

Dry Tree Branches

Plastic Florals & Leaves

Pine Cones

Do you see what I did there? I just made a Christmas tree with that list haha!

Here are just some random photos of some of my decor to help you get inspired this holiday season:







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