DIY Loft Bed Ladder Rung Cushions

DIY Loft Bed Ladder Rung Cushions

My son loves his loft bed, but the rungs on the ladder hurt his feet like crazy! I stood on the ladder to change his sheets and quickly learned how painful it really is! In fact, before I bought the bed I read the online reviews for this particular one and, this was a common complaint. Everything else about the bed is great, so I knew it was worth buying and just fixing the rungs. I didn’t want to spend a lot, and I knew with summer around the corner I wouldn’t have to. A single pool noodle costs around $1 and works perfectly!

Here’s the How-to:

pool noodle supplies
Supplies: 1 pool noodle and a pair of scissors

pool noodle cut1
Step 1: measure and cut the noodle to the length of each rung (I found that it worked best to open the scissors and cut with a sawing motion.)

pool noodle cut2 pool noodle2
Step 2: cut a slit lengthwise from end to end on each piece of pool noodle to create an opening down the side

pool noodle3
Step 3: slip the noodle pieces over each rung of the ladder

pool noodle after2
Step 4: enjoy your newly cushioned ladder!

13 thoughts on “DIY Loft Bed Ladder Rung Cushions

    • Great question! We’ve had no problem with the pool noodles spinning or rotating on the ladder rungs. The noodles fit quite snugly. However, recently, we had to replace a couple because they started to split lengthwise from the pressure of my son climbing up and down them (this may not be an issue with a smaller child. My son is 12, and weighs about 100 lbs.). We’re going to try covering the noodles in duct tape to see if it will prevent this from happening again. There are so many fun patterns in duct tape now too, so I think it might look pretty cool.

  1. Idea- For those of us who are nervous about the pool noodle moving and having a possible accident (1)- Use zip ties on each side to very tightly secure it (and you can still use the decorative tap 🙂 (2) Pipe insulation is a little tighter around the rungs….but a cheap pool noodle from the dollar store and ZIP TIES will work just fine 🙂

  2. Awesome idea! Going up and down the ladder without padding can be quite painful for an adult. Only had enough noodle for 3 steps though, which will do for now. Luckily, our dollar store will carry these in about a month or so! Thanks again!

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    • Why they make ladder rungs like that I’ll never know lol. Hope you find a pool noodle. The stores near me are stocked full with them for summer now.

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