Garden Party Cupcakes

For my mom’s birthday, the kids and I made some almond-flavored cupcakes with raspberry-flavored buttercream. My daughter suggested that we use shades of purple for both the cake and frosting. The cake was a vibrant purple, and I made the … Continue reading

Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 3 Ways

 I love my sweets, but I am watching my sugar intake as well as limiting flour in my diet. This egg-free cookie dough satisfies my cravings without undoing my workouts. It’s sweetened with ripe banana and full of nutritious … Continue reading

Holiday Bread with Pesto Butter

I’ve gotten pretty fond of baking bread, as long as it’s quick and easy. For years I thought making bread by hand was a hassle. With all of that kneading and then waiting for it to rise for hours… no … Continue reading

Sneaky Chocolate Cake Recipe

Sneaky Chocolate Cake Recipe

After watching Lisa Lillien from Hungry Girl make cupcakes using only a boxed cake mix and canned pumpkin (, I had to try it! It was delicious and super easy! Since then, I’ve played with other variations. In an attempt to … Continue reading