Rainy Day Idea: DIY Indoor Mini Golf Course for Kids

DIY Indoor Mini Golf for Kids

Kids often get bored on rainy days, and with the lack of sunshine outside, it can get pretty gloomy inside. Here’s one activity that might have your kids excited about a rainy day:

Use your imagination and set up a fun and simple mini golf course for the kids to play on. Almost anything will work.

Suggested Supplies:

Blocks, Yoga mats, Buckets, Empty Cardboard Boxes, Paper Towel Tubes, Toy Animals, A Cutting Mat, or even some old VHS Tapes! And you need a few ping pong balls and something to use as a putter. We used paper towel tubes and drum sticks.

Be creative while setting up your course, and keep in mind your own child’s abilities and age group. You don’t want to make the course so difficult that they lose interest or so easy that the play ends quickly.

Course Ideas:

I tucked a paper towel tube under one of the yoga mats to make a small hill. Once over the hill, there’s a tunnel made from wooden blocks and a VHS tape. Then I used a cutting mat as a ramp to launch the ball into a cardboard box. You can make obstacles to putt around, walls to bank off of, tunnels to hit the ball through… just think of all of the fun set-ups of a real mini golf course, and go from there. I made just a 3-“hole” course, but if you have the space, go for as many as you want. I think that my kiddos would have loved a couple more, but they had a blast just the same!

putt-putt_crop putt-putt4_crop

 putt-putt3_crop putt-putt2_crop



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