Colorful Coconut Cookies 


The kids are on Spring Break from school, and I wanted to make a fun treat. This was quick, colorful, and easy enough for the kids to help me make them.

I found a recipe on Pinterest for coconut cookies that were rolled in sugar before baking. I decided to use different colored sugars instead of basic granulated sugar. I rolled all the dough into balls, poured some colored sugars into separate bowls, and then I let the kids roll away! 

Here’s the recipe that I used:  

Although my cookies didn’t spread while baking like the pictures with the recipe, the flavor was still wonderful! I cut a third of the sugar and replaced half with powdered Stevia. I also used extra virgin coconut oil instead of butter. 

 These are a perfect springtime treat!

I served them in an Easter basket, since Easter is coming soon, and the kids thought that made them extra special!

TIP: If you don’t like coconut, try a basic sugar cookie dough. You can even just buy some refrigerated cookie dough and roll spoonfuls of it in colored sugar before baking. 

Bake up some colorful cookies and make any day a sweeter one! 


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