School Supplies Candy Wrappers

As an end of the year treat, back to school sweet, or even a gift for the teacher; these simple candy wrappers make for a fun budget-friendly gift!

I used packages of Starburst & Hershey bars, but packs of Rolos would work even better as pencils! (Some of my kiddos don’t like Rolos, so pick whatever candy your recipients will enjoy.)

To make the pencil:

Cut strips of red and gray about 4 in x 1 in.

Cut a piece of beige roughly 3 in x 2 in.

Cut the golden yellow paper into about a 5 in x 5 in square.

1. Roll the beige paper into a cone & secure with tape. (I used double-sided tape for a cleaner look.)

2. Fold down excess paper on cone & secure to the end of your candy with tape.

3. Wrap golden yellow paper around candy & tape in place.

4. Wrap red paper to cover the end of the candy.

5. Add the strip of gray paper where the red & yellow paper meet. Secure with tape.

6. Optional: use black marker to add details. Color the point of the beige paper to create the pencil’s lead tip & add markings or a message to the side of the pencil.

To make the ruler:

Cut a piece of beige (or color of your choice) into a 8 in x 8 in square.

Using double-sided tape to adhere the paper to the candy bar, wrap it around the bar to completely cover the original wrapper.

Fold ends in & back, as you would to wrap a gift box. Secure with tape on the back side of the candy bar.

Use a marker to add details and a message, like “You Rule!”

Happy gifting!!!

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